SINCE her dismissal as Immigration Minister, and excommunication from the ruling party for standing up for her constituents’ interests where the EU is concerned, our local MP has shown a degree of independent thought and humanity which differs strikingly from that we see from Downing Street.

Her opposition to the legislation which would have paved the way for the UK to break international treaties was an important block to a catastrophic ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

Her opposition to the Home Office plans to create ‘gulags’ for asylum seekers is principled, and courageous.

Now, she excoriates the government for breaking a manifesto commitment on international aid, which will set back the cause of women’s health and education at the worst possible time.

2021 will bring enormous political challenges, requiring intelligent, serious leaders who level with us, and avoid false, crowd-pleasing gimmicks. When those who failed us so manifestly in 2020 are swept away, we need such experienced, trustworthy replacements.

Lindley Owen