VIOLENT thugs, burglars, and sex offenders passed through the courts of Southampton in December.

Here we round up some of those cases:

Daily Echo: Billy BroomfieldBilly Broomfield

Teen went on knife 'spree' with ten-inch blade in Southampton

Billy Broomfield threatened people with a ten-inch kitchen knife during seven incidents on August 27.

While wearing a balaclava he threatened to cut a man's dogs and 17-year-old son with special needs.

He was sent to a youth offenders institute for 34 months.

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Daily Echo: Yang WangYang Wang

Southampton student sexually assaulted unconscious woman

Yang Wang student sexually assaulted an unconscious woman who was so drunk she vomited, a court heard.

The 23-year-old Southampton University student put his hand up his victim’s skirt and kissed her as she sat slumped unconscious.

He was jailed for 12 months.

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Daily Echo: Dale HillyarDale Hillyar

Man attacked wife after she caught him having sex with another woman in park on their anniversary

Dale Hillyar bit his wife on the nose before holding her against a fence and hitting her with his clenched fist.

A “good Samaritan” passing by was genuinely concerned Hillyar would end up killing her so intervened.

However, Hillyar bit through the man’s leather jacket making his chest bleed, a court heard.

He was jailed for 12 weeks, suspended for 24 months.

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Daily Echo: Jake BaldacchinoJake Baldacchino

Drunken thug slapped two men at petrol station

Jake Baldacchino was “extremely drunk” when he yelled abuse at two men at Monksbrook service station on Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh.

The 26-year-old called his victims “paedophiles” and slapped them during the incident on October 13 this year.

During a police interview, he said he missed his daughter and that he was not a bad father.

He was jailed for 19 weeks.

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Daily Echo: Michael SadlerMichael Sadler

Burglar ransacked woman's house and stole items worth £20,000

Michael Terence Sadler “ransacked” a woman’s home stealing more than £20,000 worth of possessions.

He stole jewellery, a laptop, alcohol and items of “high sentimental value which were absolutely irreplaceable”.

He was jailed for 21 months.

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Daily Echo: Paul CollinsPaul Collins

Man jailed for his part in string of burglaries in and near Southampton

Paul Stephen Collins and others stole cars, phones, cash and bank cards during three separate burglaries.

The cards were used to make a “whole raft of payments”.

However, police later recovered one of the cars which contained a quilt set with Collins’ DNA on.

He was jailed for 16 months.

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Daily Echo: Sam Eades-ScottSam Eades-Scott

TWO men subjected a security guard to "shocking, unrestrained and savage" violence

Sam Eades-Scott and Lewis Lawbuary launched their drink-fuelled, late-night attack after being asked to leave the car park, which closes at midnight.

The victim's injuries included a facial cut that required six stitches.

Lawbuary was responsible for most of the violence but Eades-Scott joined in after the guard threw a punch in self-defence.

Both were jailed for 18 months.

Daily Echo: Lewis LawbuaryLewis Lawbuary

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Daily Echo: Shaun BlythingShaun Blything

MAN used a golf club as a weapon after his friend was knocked out by someone he had just assaulted

Shaun Blything "over-reacted" after Robert Yeo hit a stranger on the back of the head and was punched to the ground.

Daily Echo: Robert YeoRobert Yeo

Blything began lashing out with a golf club, striking a member of the public on his right foot.

The two had spent the day drinking in a nearby pub, a court was told.

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