WE KNOW from X-rays of old master paintings that in many cases the composition had been changed by the artist, sometimes quite drastically, in their endeavour for perfection.

This is an imitation of Nature, the supreme master artist, the all-pervasive universal intelligence, which has periodically become dissatisfied with its creative formation on earth and, in particular, humans.

In ancient, less-technological times, people rightly felt part of the natural world and, indeed, the extrasensory world.

These times produced some exceptional, super-sensitive individuals.

So much so that they were able to prophesy events of a far future age that would reset humanity's evolutionary tendency to accord with the disposition of nature.

These predictions had to allude to technologies yet to be developed and much of their writings used figurative language that the reader has to decipher.

Perhaps that future age is now: Isaiah 46:11 "Calling a bird of prey from the east" [Covid-19] and Isaiah 42:15 "I will lay waste the mountains and hills, ..., And I will dry up the pools." [literal].

Isaiah also records why he thinks the current calamities befalling humanity are happening and the eventual outcome: a world of collaboration, harmony with nature and fairness.

Our collective New Year's Resolution needs to be to "Build Back Better" < https://www.buildbackbetteruk.org/ > in all regards.

Geoff Naylor

Colden Common