How sad it was to read in the Echo that the doors of Cobbett Road Library are to close permanently at the end of January.

When driving along Bitterne Road, ever since our kids were young, I have always made the point of checking on the boy posting his books through the letter box.

Up to now he has never managed that final push and succeeded in getting them all the way through.

He must have accumulated a massive fine, because I have been watching him for more years than I care to remember.

Not living in the area, I have always assumed that the library has been funded from council tax, so it was interesting to learn that it has been run by the SCIA charity. Full credit to them for providing such a valuable service to the community.

It now seems that the boy will never return his books.

I do hope that he can be saved to perhaps return them to another library or, even better, Cobbett Road can be saved.

There must be a story to this boy.

I would really like to learn of it.

Bob Davies