I FEEL that when I go out for a walk for my daily exercise that I should be wearing a four-metre diameter hoop.

That is to keep other people who choose not to obey the rules and keep a safe two metre distance away from me.

They seem not to want to understand what social distancing is.

When you are out walking and there are other people that are coming towards you, there is this minority who make no attempt to keep a safe distance.

When you come up behind other walkers – I walk at a fast pace – and you politely ask them to move, the look of disdain or even an unprintable reply from this minority.

When you are walking on foot paths or pavements, there again is this minority of cyclists, joggers and scooterists who just barge their way past.

Who is this minority we ask? Is it the elderly, middle aged, youngsters or those with a phone adhered to their hand. No it is all and everybody that make up this minority, whom seem to have no respect for the rules applying to Covid 19, and they must think that they are above the law and Covid 19 will not affect them.

Is it because of this selfish minority that we have to suffer the hardships and restrictions that are placed upon us now.

If it wasn’t for them we could possibly even be in a lower Tier.

But again it is these reckless actions of this minority that have and will always ruin it for the majority.

Who are the ones who will moan and shout the loudest when they are found out or even, dare I say it, catch Covid-19?

I suspect they will blame Boris and his Government.

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