A CAMPAIGNER is calling for town streetlights to be turned back on to reduce crime.

Campaigner and senior officer at Eastleigh Labour, Sam Jordan, says that a quick solution is needed to reduce crime.

In 2019, the County Council introduced a policy of switching off the lights between 1am and 4am in residential areas.

Data from UKCrimeStats shows that in 2011, there were 557 violent crimes committed in Eastleigh, compared to 1143 committed in 2020.

The campaigner now says the council must make the choice between making turning on streetlighting or watch crime increase further.

He said: “There was a petition last year that was raised by residents and that really did hit a trigger.

"We need to find a much better way to optimise costs, vs safety and security.

“The street lights are about prevention, as well as reaction to the rising crime rates.

“I understand that the council is looking to save money but this is compromising safety and security of residents.”

Eastleigh MP, Paul Holmes said: “Many constituents have written to me and I have written repeatedly to the local council calling on them to do this.

“I am 100% supportive of having our streetlights on throughout the night, particularly where it would help residents feel safer and there is an identified pattern of crime.

“To help residents feel safer, I am also encouraged by the fact that we have been recruiting more police officers on our streets.”

Talking on the switching off of the lights, Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment said: “This results in both carbon emission reductions and financial savings needed due to funding pressures and growing demands across council services, particularly in social care.

"The changes followed a public consultation and took into account academic research and evidence from other authorities; and I would like to reassure residents that we work closely with the Police and actively review any arrangements in areas where they express concern.”