IT HAS been very difficult for me to watch and believe the reports about all those people who are flagrantly ignoring the advice of health officials and the government and just partying on as if the coronavirus will just pass them by or never be transmitted onwards to others through them.

I would like to beg on my knees to all you who deny the real truth to understand that other human beings are dying because of your stupidity and ignorance.

Let me try to give an example of what it is that you are really doing.

Let's take for example the opening scenes of the movie "Saving Private Ryan" where the Allied troops are landing on the beaches of Normandy.

The Allied troops represent the general public, the virus is the bullets in the German machine guns and "You" are the German soldiers using those machine guns.

All those Allied soldiers being killed and dying terrible deaths are doing so because you are pulling the trigger of those machine guns and therefore you are ultimately responsible for the deaths of everyone of those soldiers.

In the case of the coronavirus if you have ignored the official advice and become infected due to you ignoring the official advice and then passed the virus on to someone else and then someone in the chain of onward transmission from you then dies because of that then you are responsible for their death.

Here and now, I am pleading with all you, negative, selfish people to stop being so irresponsible and to stop causing any more deaths than can be helped and I am begging you to please, please, please do all the right and correct things that need to be done to stop the spread of this pandemic for the sake of all humanity.

I believe that is all that I'd like to say here apart from thank you to all the people who are actually doing everything they possibly can do to help fight and kill off this Coronavirus.

Roy Smith