BORIS Johnson may have lost my support over his capitulation to Brussels as regards fishing and the service sector but he still is, without doubt, the right man to lead the country.

On the up side, fishermen are being supported as they prepare for an increase in the levels they are allowed to fish, albeit after the next election.

Then we have the trade deals Liz Truss has negotiated for UK companies to trade outside the EU and free from EU bureaucracy.

Both of these examples prove exactly what a money grabbing cartel the EU really are.

One whiff of competition and nations are hammered with tariffs.

Then let's not forget we still have the best home secretary in a generation.

Compare this to a Labour leader who jumps on a bandwagon faster than I drink my morning latte and led the campaign to overthrow the Brexit vote and one phrase springs straight to mind.

Better to put up with the devil you know than the one you don't because at least under Boris we can speak, we can preach, and above all, we can fear no retribution for telling the truth.

Geoffrey Brooking