SOME of the figures clearly explained by the Prime Minister on how infection rates are rising, that the death toll will continue to accelerate and how, if transmission of the new variant of Covid is not halted, NHS capacity will be overwhelmed in 21 days, mean the country has no choice but to lockdown.

I know this is deeply disappointing for pupils, parents and businesses across the Meon Valley and in the coming weeks I will be doing all I can to support as many people as I can.

The PM was clear in his announcement much has changed since March last year and we have hope things will return to normal by the spring.

The NHS is rapidly scaling up its vaccine capacity and in this dark moment we are finally in a position to start rolling back this pandemic as more and more people receive vaccinations.

It will take time, as the PM said, but it is happening right now, and this means there is an end to the terrible time the whole world has endured for more than nine months.

The middle of February will be a crucial moment.

We now know there are rocky times ahead.

This is why this action has been taken and why I support it.

I can only ask people to please go the final mile and keep to these new rules.

It will save lives.

Flick Drummond

MP for Mean Valley