WINCHESTER Cathedral will look a little different upon your next visit.

A new altar frontal, installed in the Epiphany Chapel, was unveiled and blessed earlier this morning.

The chapel already houses a stained-glass window of the Adoration of the Magi by Burne-Jones and an icon of the baptism of Christ.

This frontal, by artist Sophie Hacker, and realised by the Cathedral Broderers depicts water changing into wine at the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee.

A cathedral spokesperson said: "This completes the three stories of the manifestation of Christ’s glory celebrated in Epiphany."

Sophie Hacker said: "What you see here is a symbolic representation of the six jars of water that Jesus turns into the finest of wines. I looked at the profiles of first century water jars to find a shape that would work best on the frontal. You can see the full outline of one of these vessels, to give a centring focus to the design.

"The remaining five vessels move across from left to right, with the third one having been tipped forward to pour out the wine - within the circle the miracle is taking place, as the blue-green water transforms into wine as it rushes out towards us.

"Amongst the challenges of this project was to find a way to balance the asymmetry of the north end of the chapel, to speak sympathetically to the existing artworks of the windows and the icon, and to create something that could be realised in textile.

"From my original painting, which I completed back in the Spring of 2018, I printed the design onto silk and made six full copies. The Broderers then cut these copies into sections that could be worked on, strengthened, and layered onto the final design. Organza's and beads create movement, sparkle, energy and dynamism.

"I wanted to offer something that could be read easily from the entrance to the chapel as well as reveal more detail when seen up close, and of course, the theology was the paramount concern. As the wine pours out, spilling over the edges of every surface, it assures us of God’s generosity and abundance.

"This aspect will be emphasised even more when three new kneelers are completed and in place. These are being worked on at the moment."