IT is easy to expand an economy simply by increasing its population. A supply of people on low wages who are dependent on ‘social’ housing is sufficient.

Unfortunately that does not improve personal wealth but it does further ration our environmental pleasures, a fair description of the UK over the last 20 years.

To improve personal wellbeing, it is productivity and not population that must expand, and the incentive for business to do it is a shortage of low wage labour.

Yet our rulers continue to pile in the people. If I want to live in the South, then a house will be provided.

Winchester is to have more jobs, and more houses, says MP Steve Brine, unaware that what he advocates will result in relative decline. His party talks of incentivising productivity, while following policies that have the opposite effect.

The Lib-Dems are signed up to this approach, while the Conservatives are a confused and divided house (no pun). Conservative Caroline Horrill confirms that the Winchester City Council policy originated with the Conservative group. She has been egging on the South Wonston Parish Council to bust the local plan and build on green-field, in the face of parish opposition. Number 10 Downing Street has revealed itself as solidly social democrat, and determined to urbanise the South to rival Greater Los Angeles.

In short, the plan is to make Winchester larger, much larger. Does the Winchester electorate want a Greater Winchester, or were they indeed ever asked the question? And if ‘Greater’, how much greater?

Certainly the WCC electorate does not have a ballot box option to that effect in the coming May elections.

James Anderson,

Wrights Close,

South Wonston