LAST year was turbulent for most of us, but a lucrative one for supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s has already reported a 9.3 per cent rise in sales over Christmas and Morrisons is not far behind with an 8.5 per cent increase in what is expected to be a bumper trading period for supermarkets.

It’s time these profits were reflected in shop workers’ pay, after all they have put themselves at an increased risk during the pandemic to keep everyone else’s fridges and cupboards stocked.

For shop workers, it’s galling enough that they are paid less than their colleagues in distribution centres; for this to continue to be the case when supermarkets are experiencing a rise in sales is another blow to hardworking employees.

Leigh Day is currently acting for more than 45,000 supermarket workers in their equal pay battle.

We promise to continue fighting for this for as long as it takes to ensure shop workers are paid fairly.

Supermarkets need to recognise that their staff are the beating heart that keeps their businesses going and give their employees the pay they deserve.

Emma Satyamurti

Partner in the Leigh Day employment team

St John’s Lane, London EC1