YOU have been warned, by the people…

Isn’t it time this government and its strange ‘advisers’ ceased issuing ‘warnings’ to people and adopted a different policy – where persuasion and compassion prevail, rather than the coercion strategy being used at present?

People react much better to encouragement and being given responsibility for their own lives and actions, rather than have their lives micro-managed by a team of government ministers and civil servants who seem to have no clue what they are doing.

According to Prof (‘the end of the world is nigh and we are all doomed’) Whitty we should be ‘warned’ not to go out at all; Matt Hancock MP says we should all be arrested if we flout the ‘rules’ (many of which are not enshrined in law); and then we have discredited Neil Ferguson - got everything he has predicted totally wrong.

I have to wonder why the track and trace system cannot be better used to try to track down any members of the government with any common sense at all.

Bob Blackman