PLANS to demolish a former post office to make way for shops and flats have received 70 objections.

The application by Eastleigh Borough Council involves knocking down the former Eastleigh post office and sorting office on the High Street to make room for 28 homes and shopping space. 

At the front, there would be a four storey building consisting of 10 affordable flats, whilst the building at the rear would be six storeys with 18 flats.

The Sorting Office that would be demolished is said to be currently in use as a creative hub providing art and design studios and event space.

No parking is provided for residents with the housing being a “car free development”.

Over 70 objections have been made against the housing with one resident writing: “So where on earth are all the home owners going to park?! How ridiculous!

“Have you not realised yet that people have cars, most households have 2 vehicles and that they’re going to keep them! They will not use the public transport!”

Another resident said: “Eastleigh has more than enough new houses and shopping facilities.

“It will be the start of the destruction of what is left of the character of the town.

“Surely one of the many designers can come up with something better than to push it over and build another monstrosity.”

In the planning application documents for the proposed development, it states however that the proposal offers a “positive opportunity to the Local Authority to regenerate a key High Street location and provide High Quality mixed use development and urban realm in the core of the town centre.”

The application is set to be discussed at a meeting of the Eastleigh Local Area Committee next Tuesday.