REPORTS of a 'scam' Covid vaccine has now been confirmed as a real injection.

Posts circulated online about an elderly female after she was "offered a Covid vaccine for £20" by a man in Fareham.

But officers have now quashed the rumours by confirming that the male was indeed a health care professional who administered a real Covid vaccine – and there was also no request for money.

A Hampshire police spokesperson said: "Officers have been investigating this since it was reported and fortunately, it turns out all was in order.

"The female involved was contacted the day before by her GP surgery. They informed her that a named person would be attending her home with the Covid vaccine, as she was unable to go to her local vaccination centre. At no point was she asked for money and we confirmed nothing had been taken.

"While in this case, it was an official visit, we would still like to remind our communities on how to protect themselves."

Police are reminding people to in the UK, coronavirus vaccines will only be available via the National Health Service. You can be contacted by the NHS, your employer, a GP surgery or pharmacy local to you, to receive your vaccine. Remember, the vaccine is free of charge. At no point will you be asked to pay.