PLANS to build 206 homes in Fareham have been delayed as concerns are raised about the borough’s strategic gap.

Persimmon Home Ltd. have applied to Fareham council to construct the homes on land east of Crofton cemetery and west of Peak Lane in Stubbington, as well creating an access road from Peak lane to maintain links with Oakcroft lane, car parking, landscaping, a substation and public open space.

The application is a resubmission of similar plans that were refused on August 22 2019.

Plans were meant to be considered at a Fareham council meeting on January 20 but this will now be delayed.

However, the plans have already raised concerns about traffic in the borough.

Resident Linda Morgan said: “The density and the number of houses is huge and will therefore be a massive strain on the road network.

“The Stubbington bypass was implemented to alleviate our already congested roads, this housing estate will return our roads to pre bypass levels and beyond.”

The plans have also raised issues from local residents who say they are worried about destroying the green belt between Stubbington and Fareham.

Resident Martin Oliver said: “It will be an irreversible erosion of the strategic gap between Stubbington and Fareham. The council has already noted that there is a lack of green space”

Locks Heath resident Lynda Fairall added: “It will destroy a very important piece of green open space land that we so badly need in this already overbuilt area of Fareham.

“This space should be kept as a green lung between Fareham and Stubbington and as part of a Strategic gap which is so important.

“The traffic in this area- particularly along Titchfield Lane is already horrendous. The new bypass will increase the number of vehicles relatively close to the proposed development and will add to noise, light and air pollution to this area. Building more houses on this site will just increase our pollution problems particularly in the next 20 years.”

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes South Coast said: “We have submitted an application to deliver 206 much-needed new homes on land south of Oakcroft Lane, Stubbington, of which 82 would be affordable.

“If approved, the development would provide around 10 hectares of open space to Fareham Borough Council, electric car charging points to encourage sustainable travel choices, and around £4million in contributions towards education, ecology, infrastructure and transport improvements for the local community.

“Our new proposals have taken on board feedback from the previous application for this site and we thank Fareham Planning Department for their additional pre-application discussions.

“The previous application confirmed the scheme would not have a significant effect on the physical and visual separation between Stubbington and Fareham, and the development has been assessed by Hampshire County Council Highways, who have no objection to the scheme.

“We remain hopeful of a positive outcome when the application is considered.”

The Daily Echo has approached Fareham council about the delay.