RESIDENTS have told of their anger after a Twitter feud resulted in a local Council leader "undermining" people who suffer with mental health issues.

On January 6, an argument broke out on Twitter after the Eastleigh Labour account posted the question: "Should the Liberal Democrats turn on Eastleigh’s streetlights?".

The post generated a lot of attention, including that of Eastleigh Borough Council leader Keith House.

The council leader replied to two Tweets posted by residents under the stories.

One comment read: "Stay safe, and keep taking the medication", while the other said: "Have a nice day. Keep taking the tablets".

The comments sparked anger among Twitter users and Eastleigh residents alike who called for a "public apology", claiming he "undermined" people with mental health issues.

An Eastleigh resident, who has asked not to be identified, told the Daily Echo of their anger after reading the comments.

They said: "Keith House has been making comments on Twitter that completely undermine people who suffer from Mental health problems.

"Saying 'keep taking the tablets' in more then one reply on Twitter somehow suggesting that people who take tablets are mad or cannot be trusted.

"I think this is something that needs to be brought to much wider attention as if this was a more prominent UK political figure it would almost certainly lead to a resignation or dismissal.

"Comments like this are dangerous and could lead to people holding back from speaking to someone or seeking help with their mental health."

Despite the Daily Echo contacting Keith House and Eastleigh Borough Council, we did not get a response.