THINGS went full steam ahead for Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway in 1992 when a temporary track was installed. A more permanent track was laid after a three year lease was issued.

After negotiations with Eastleigh borough Council a long lease was granted in 1998, and permission for the construction of Parkway and Monks Brook Halt stations were granted, opening in 1999.

The route as we know it today was finished in 2000, with the 355ft tunnel coming later in 2003.

The mile and a quarter track includes pneumatically operated semaphore signals as well as some fine views of the area.

The fleet at Eastleigh Lakeside Steam Railway includes 19 steam locomotives, 2 diesel hydraulics and a battery powered Eurostar.

Many of the locos have historical importance, a few dating from the 1930s.

In February 2005, the construction of Lakeside cafe and extended station with full toilet facilities was completed.

The carriage fleet steelworks, bogies and general assembly were all handled by the railway themselves - upholding the tradition of railway engineering in Eastleigh.