THE organisers of a sustainability conference that had to be cancelled because of the pandemic have launched an online support service for business.

The Poole-based Southern Sustainability Partnership had been determined to press ahead with the fifth Big Sustainability expo at Southampton’s Hilton Ageas Bowl last October.

But despite taking measures to make the event Covid-secure, the organisers were forced to call off the exhibition as the government stepped up restrictions.

The partnership has now launched an online learning service which it says will supercharge careers and speed up carbon reduction for the public and private sector.

Its Corporate Sustainability Education Channel enables users to talk to professionals about their sustainability projects talks directly to professionals about their sustainability projects, as speaking to suppliers of products, technologies and services.

There are weekly interviews, interactive sessions, a community question and answer service and a professional development certificate for each session. The partnership says the tool will help businesses stay on top of running costs as well as reducing their impact on the environment.

Lynda Daniels, co-director of the Southern Sustainability Partnership, said: “The aim of the channel is to take the audience right to the heart of projects and solutions from the voices that are making them happen. Whether you are already on your sustainability journey, or realise this is no longer a topic you can avoid, or you are looking to work in the sector, this tool has been designed to vastly reduce research time, saving you valuable time and money.”

Co-director Anita Potten said: “This tool provides organisations with a level of confidence that enables them to speak directly with suppliers. And, just as importantly, to explain to those who manage budgets within their organisation why this investment is necessary. In short, it’s a win-win in the fight to reduce the carbon impact of our organisations.”

Discounts on annual memberships are available until the end of February, with more information at