A YOUNGSTER has spent lockdown setting up her own business and now makes hundreds of pounds selling slime.

Hampshire schoolgirl Issy Dodd has put her entrepreneurial skills to the test by creating her a slime-selling business, called Sassy Slimes. The 11-year-old from Gosport is now making hundreds of pounds and shipping products as far as Australia.

When schools went into lockdown last year due to coronavirus, Issy wasted no time and set up the business whilst being home-schooled.

Issy said: "It took around three months to set up, then it's grown from there. I learnt a lot about business, how it works and that it is possible to create a business and actually make money!”

“I would recommend kids to start up a business, it teaches you a lot and is also fun. The most difficult thing was working out what order to do things in and when to fit it around school without getting stressed.

“I like slime. It's satisfying to play with and keeps me occupied. I love the different smells and textures."

Over the past few months, Issy has made £1400 and has spent the money on more supplies and two new fish tanks and fish.

Her mum, Cheryl Dodd said it gave Issy something to aim for.

Cheryl said: "Less and less school work was happening at home with motivation at a low, Issy asked me to help her to set up her own business to sell slime. I secretly rolled my eyes but encouraged her anyway because I could see the opportunity for her to learn.

"Before long, she was reading to research, writing her product descriptions on her new website, calculating her ingredients costs and learning to budget and manage her money. There was so much learning increased self-belief and motivation it was amazing to see.

"We also spent a lovely couple of months 'meeting' about her business regularly - it was quite special.”