All the work of GO! Southampton’s sits alongside its status as the first Delivery Partner for the UK City of Culture 2025 bid.

The bid was launched last year and consultation has been going on for the past few months across the city and with a whole host of groups and organisations.

Giles Semper said said: “UK City of Culture would be a game changer for Southampton.

"It would have a massive impact on the local economy, our member businesses and the people who live and work in the city centre.

"We are doing everything we can to involve artists in our work and to animate and activate the city centre.

"When we win it won’t just be about 2025 itself but about the build-up.

"I believe we can do some fantastic things.”

The organisation is supporting the Daily Echo Love Local Business campaign which calls for support and backing for businesses across the city.

Claire Whitaker is the director of the City of Culture bid.

She said: "If success with the bid was vital for Southampton at the outset of the process, it has become many times more important in light of the events of the past year.

"Success would indeed now be a game-changer for the city's economic prosperity and its regeneration.

"We are very much thinking the winning the bid will be part of our recovery from Covid-19. It will bring an attention and spotlight to the city that will in turn bring investment and jobs.

"We are really building that in to all we are doing. The culture programme will deliver real benefits to business and the economy."