SOUTHAMPTON FC fans have criticised the racist abuse aimed at midfielder Alex Jankewitz on social media. 

The abuse was directed towards the 19-year-old after he was sent off inside 90 seconds in the 9-0 Premier League defeat to Manchester United.

The club has confirmed it is liasing with police and enquiries are said to be ongoing. 

Fans have now come out on social media to condemn the "disgusting" racist comments.

One fan, Joshua Crow, said: "Absolutely disgusting! The young lad needs support! He made a mistake at a young age and the way people have trolled him could ruin him as a person and his career."

Another fan, Trina Rawlins, said: "Maybe it should be the fans "taking the knee". What an absolute disgrace. Certainly not true fans. Hope the police do find them. Absolutely disgusting"

Monkey emojis and racist terms are said to have been directed towards the player who was making his first start for the club in Tuesdays match.

Fan, Michaela White, said: "I proudly support the Saints, win or lose, because they are a team to be proud of. The clubs beliefs, and those of their supporters do not include racism in any shape or form and never have."

Phillip Eyre, said: "Should be banned for life for this and arrested, we are all frustrated after last night but no one deserves that. Disgraceful."

Jordan Pidgley, said: "Racial abuse is way over the line, hope who ever racially abused him is named and shamed."