IT IS very kind of Cllr Fitzhenry (Letters 8th Feb) to tell us all the things he would have introduced if only the conservative administration hadn’t been removed in 2012.

Southampton, like almost every major cities in the world, is working to reduce traffic congestion.

Certainly electric cars will be part of the mix, but city centres and busy traffic don’t combine very well.

That's why many city and district centres have pedestrian friendly high street areas and encourage cycling and walking, because this is much more conducive to a pleasant shopping experience.

While the council has little control over the bus companies, it is working with them to achieve improvements.

By addressing the concerns of would-be cyclists, by making safe routes and pleasant areas to travel, we can also help bring this about.

The idea that those pesky cyclists are causing pollution is so misguided.

Cars cause pollution, and even if they were all electric they would still cause congestion.

Evidence shows that if you increase road space for cars, the number of cars increases to fill the space causing more pollution.

Studies have shown that where cycling and walking is supported, people will make healthy choices, reducing car use.

Consultation on the Green Transport Recovery Plan has shown that the majority support measures to encourage more cycling and walking.

We will have to make good, separate lanes for bikes and the emerging e-scooters market, as well as pleasant routes for pedestrians in our cities; we will have to include electric vehicles, “park and ride schemes” and new infrastructure into the mix.

Harping on about the great plans you had 10 years ago just means you are short of ideas.

Defending old ways of doing things is a familiar Conservative theme but it is as irresponsible as it is futile.

You cannot meet the challenges of tomorrow with the solution to yesterday's problem.

When you are shaping a city, more car parks and fewer bikes solves nothing.

We need to build a bold, innovative, creative Southampton fit for the next generation.

We need a healthier, fairer and greener city for all.

Cllr John Savage