With regard to the superb photo in the Echo.

I would say that it was taken about 1948/9, possibly New Year's Eve.

I say that because of the number of large liners present.

The ships would be in the docks over the Christmas and New Year period, thus given the crews, many from Southampton and area, a break.

At midnight on New Year's Eve all the ships would sound their sirens for several minutes.

I remember, when I was living in Millbrook and the 'original' Queens, Lizzie and Mary, were both in, the deep sound of their particular sirens almost drowned out all the others, and could be heard as far out as Nursling and Rownhams.

And if the wind was in the right direction, as far as Romsey.

Now, back to the photo. The Mauretania went to meet her breaker in about 1950 her sister, the Aquatania, had already gone.

They were the last of the four funnelled liners flying the Cunard flag.

They looked very old-fashioned, with straight bow and huge counter stern, but still gave first class service.

My mother went to Canada to visit her mother on the Homeric in 1956, so that ship was still around, I think, until the '60s.

That's all the help I can give, I'm afraid.

Robert Smith