LIKE your recent correspondent, my wife and I decided to sort out the stuff in our attic.

Sifting through the various crates, boxes and carrier bags, we came across a mint plastic carrier bag emblazoned in bright green on beige with the words Jack Hobbs Records of 11 High Street, Eastleigh, Hants, 'Your Local Record Shop'.

What memories that brought back (I am pushing 81).

We also came across programmes for the Regal Theatre of a Wings for Victory Concert of 1943, Good Friday Concerts at the Regal of 1933 and 1936, covers for Eastleigh Hospital Carnival for 1931,1932 and 1933, a Programme of Events at the Eastleigh Unity Club at Christmas, 1937 and a Borough of Eastleigh Coronation Celebrations Schools' Sports of 1937.

All these were printed (before my time, I might add!) at The Eastleigh Printing Works, of which I was a compositor for over 30 years.

Jeff Davis,

Chandler's Ford