OK Saints are getting some ropey decisions.

But hiding behind them would be to fail to recognise that tactically something is very, very wrong.

We lose too many points from winning positions for a reason, and that is simply that we fail to adapt.

We go ahead, the opposition knows it has to do something different, and they do.

How do Saints respond?

They carry on doing the same thing.

At Newcastle the conditions cried out for a tactical change, be we keep passing, slowly, sideways, looking for a gap that doesn’t exist, getting bogged down.

There is no change of pace, no recognition that a long ball could take advantage of the conditions.

Against Wolves on Sunday we just looked shellshocked, but the substitutions were puzzling.

Armstrong has been standout, the only one who can run at the defence, so he’s taken off.

Result: we were worse, no penetration at all.

Djenepo didn’t seem to have a clue what he was supposed to be doing.

So come on Ralph, we are recognising what you’ve done for us but you must see we need a plan B, a sensible response to a change of circumstances or opposition tactics on the pitch? If you can’t sort this soon the fans patience will run out.

Over to you.

Bob Barton

Chandlers Ford