IT IS time something was seriously done to put an end to the problem of kids running riot on our streets.

Have we really got to wait until some person is either seriously hurt or killed before something is done.

In all my years there has been housing estates which were classed as troublesome but never to the state that we have now.

We have now a situation that the bus companies who are already struggling due to the lack of passengers are now threatening to withdraw their services due to mindless yobs who think it fun to throw or use catapults to break bus windows and try to injure or kill passengers.

Just how our dedicated hospital and other workers trying to keep this country going are supposed to either get to work or travel back home to their families in safety.

Do the parents of these youngsters know what their kids are up to or don't they care? Y

It's time residents of these estates had the guts to shop these kids, because its you who are paying out for their fun as they wreck the open spaces on stolen motor cycles, damage peoples' cars and even wreck disabled play areas and schools.

If the law is not going to put some true fear into kids and not just give them warnings perhaps its time to hit the home and make the parents take the responsibility and pay for the damage their little angels cause.

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