THE GOVERNMENT is to be congratulated on it’s programme of vaccinating the population of this country against Covid-19.

The speed with which the programme was “rolled out” shows one of the benefits of being outside the bureaucracy which the EU is showing in approving the vaccines and delivering them.

All the Romsey doctor’s surgeries are also to be congratulated on their arrangements at the Crosfield Hall and elsewhere for vaccinating their registered patients.

Government must now equally speedily make arrangements to issue, to those who want it, a “vaccination passport”to be used for overseas travel.

For many years in addition to my passport I had to carry a yellow form which showed that

I had been inoculated against yellow fever, typhus etc.These were deemed as important as my actual passport.

Happily those diseases have now become less of a threat and my yellow form is long gone.

We now have a new threat in Covid-19, but we know what needs to be done.

Simon Watson