A LOVING sister wants to keep her brother's legacy alive by setting up a online prevention tool to help those affected by mental health issues.

Josh Hendy, took his life in November last year after his mental health declined.

The 21-year-old went to Crofton School in Stubbington and onto CEMAST college in Fareham.

He worked at MOD in the Portsmouth dockyard as a security guard and also volunteered as a special constable in Hampshire constabulary.

Now, Alice Hendy has set up 'Ripple Suicide Prevention', in his memory.

She hopes that her new charity will raise awareness of the lack of intervention online for those suffering with their mental health.

The 29-year-old from Fareham said: "He was always the life and soul of the party and came across as a very happy-go-lucky lad but he was living in turmoil.

"He had some fantastic friends and family around that were there to support him.

"He was motivated to help others and make a difference to people. I am really trying to continue that legacy."

The online monitoring tool is designed to show resources to a user when they search for harmful information.

Alice added: "It's called Ripple because on average 147 people are impacted every time somebody takes their own life. It's a real, ripple affect.

"I want to ensure that more help and support is given to individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

"It is a powerful message of hope and provides a selection of mental health support resources. It is a much more of a forceful interception.

"An individual feeling despair and researching content will be urged to seek the mental health support that they deserve and need."

Alice said that setting up the charity has been an outlet for her grief.

She added: "It's also to ensure that as many families as possible don't experience the same utter devastation that my family and I are currently going through.

"My family and I are struggling, every day is an uphill battle.

"If there is any possibility of me preventing anyone else going through with this and stopping any other families from experiencing the pain, I would have done my job."

For more information visit: ripplesuicideprevention.com