I RIDE a 125cc motorcycle on L plates.

Recently I found out that the government hasn’t provided any kind of extension to the CBT certificate.

As I need my bike for work, when my CBT certificate expires in about a months time, getting to work and doing my job (I work as a cleaner) is going to be a problem.

I may even lose my job.

It seems to me, that motorcyclists don’t get the consideration they deserve.

When I think of these delivery guys, such as pizza delivery people, who rely on there bikes for work, who through no fault of there own, could very well lose there jobs, it’s tragic.

The government must act on this soon.

A government, that has constantly said, they will do everything they can to protect people’s jobs.

Clearly, this is not true. I would be interested in hearing other peoples view on this matter.

Michael Brown

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