CYCLING has given this New Forest adventurer the resting heart rate of a super fit athlete and helps him with severe mental health issues.

“I cycle when I can’t run and I run when I can’t cycle,” says Sammy P from Ringwood.

“I’m about as isolated as it gets and I wouldn’t go outside otherwise.

“I gave up smoking and now have a resting heart rate of 50bpm. Cycling intensively also helps with my severe mental health issues.”

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Sammy likes to listen to audio books or music as he tours the New Forest and further afield on his completely upgraded Cube Stereo bike.

He likes to ride to Highcliffe Beach sometimes but his regular route takes in Ringwood, Ogdens, Fritham, High Corner, Milkham, Linford Bottom and home.

“Most nights I go out at 2 or 3am and go Ringwood to Mockbeggar to Ellingham to Fordingbridge to Gorley to home,” he said.

Sammy says he has massive tyres for some of the jumps he takes on, but no Lycra just yet. He’s critical of the casual ‘once a week’ riders who don their ‘fancy Spandex’ and think they’re amazing. “I get out most days in ragamuffin jeans and a top. I have none of the gear, nor the idea. I say hello to everyone and most are friendly.”

Sammy's major complaint is that buses don't take bikes and he fancies a Chipped Giant E-Racer as his next set of wheels.

"I think the pigs would forgive me if I was careful," he laughs.

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