Once again I find myself feeling I must address Christine Cassell (Echo (9.2. 21).

This time on her concern over another possible Scottish Referendum.

One that the Scots themselves are increasingly it seems, warming to.

Yet again why are our Government so scared of another vote as was originally the case in our own referendum - eventually, wrongly lumped into a General Election which is supposed to be about other important issues that were mostly completely ignored.

I also stress I am not a re-moaner but a believer in a level playing field in terms of democracy.

You see it’s not up to you or me Christine or even a loathsome Boris Johnson, who has no concept at all of truth/ honour/veracity etc.

He will keep saying no to the Scots until he can no longer do so.

May’s elections north of the border will be a reliable benchmark and tell us much.

You give facts and figures Christine but that means nothing to Scots - and there are plenty - who think the Tory Govt has never done anything for them other than hold them in utter contempt.

That is why many just do not what to be ruled way down in Westminster. Labour my own affiliation also took the Scots for granted and paid the price.

It’s perverse that Scotland were dragged out of Europe against the will of the Scottish people reflected by their vote in a Westminster fuelled referendum.

One that they had no choice but to take part in.

Therefore that alone is a good enough reason for them to bravely want to strike out on their own- if that is what they want to do.

As I say it’s not what you want, neither that part of our own electorate south of the border, that arrogantly think they should have a say.

That particular argument is preposterous and totally undemocratic. Plus the Scots have their own democratically elected Parliament.

You also think it fine to leave Europe Christine and good luck to you - but you don’t want the Scots to leave us.

That smacks of hypocrisy.

In addition you also say Nicola Sturgeon is determined to try to bring about an independent Scotland. Well here’s a surprise - she is head of The Scottish Nationalists whose flag ship policy is independence. So what on earth do you expect?

You may be proud to part of The Union but perhaps enough Scots might not be as proud as you are.

For although happily the Covid vaccine roll out is doing well here, compared to Europe, this is the one success in our overall Covid record the Government have had- albeit a very important one.

For our response to Corona from the beginning was appalling and instrumental in costing one hundred thousand lives.

The immediate closure of airports at the very start to inbound flights didn’t happen and we are apparently not currently doing as well as Scotland on the current hotel quarantine regulations either.

Lastly the ultimate folly of Brexit overall, probably has a backlash we are yet to see in its entirety.

Who will you look to then?

Chris Newman