LIKE hundreds commenting on Marwell’s facebook page, I am angered by the actions of the four individuals who broke into Marwell this week.

They apparently caused considerable damage and expense to a charity with no current income or government support. ( Readers can help Marwell by contributing on their “Just giving” page).

Many comments suggested a prison sentence but I don’t think this punishment, funded by the tax payer, is appropriate.

As they were caught red handed, they should be speedily dealt with by the courts.

The only question is what the penalty for their actions should be.

I think it would be appropriate if they were presented with a bill from Marwell for repairs and inconvenience, this to be settled immediately.

It would also be appropriate if they were charged by the police for the cost of the operation to apprehend them, including the use of the helicopter. (This probably runs into thousands).

These amounts should be taken from the culprits savings, and if that is insufficient from the confiscation and sale of their possessions such as car, Ipad, phone etc.

These culprits need to realise that for every action there is a consequence, payable to a society which is not prepared to tolerate such behaviour.

Jon Isaacs