FAMILY and community (unpaid) carers provide the majority of care in our society.

Those close to the elderly, the disabled and even those with severe dementia give a huge amount of support to their own cost in time and money.

Until the Care Act 2014, they had received no official recognition from the state.

But now senior figures and celebrities ( like Rt Hon Sir Ed Davey, Kirsty Alsop and John Suchet) are starting to talk about their lives as family carers.

There is talk of a question on caring in the next census.

In Southampton, the city council has funded ‘Carers in Southampton’ to provide an information

and support service for unpaid carers.

It is a shame that it cut funding for SCA to provide a full day’s care, transport and a cooked lunch for more than 300 older people each week, giving over six hours respite to the family carer at a current cost of £45 per place.

If we look carefully we will find someone young or old who is giving care.

Take the initiative, introduce yourself and see if there is any way you can help.

Revd Brian Strevens

Hon Executive Chairman

Carers in Southampton.