SOUTHAMPTON has been named as one of the cheapest cities to upsize your home.

Research by comparison website Compare My Move, has revealed that the city is the 6th cheapest place to buy a bigger home, costing on average £71,572.

Aberdeen topped the list for the cheapest averaging cost at just £41,406 and London is the most expensive costing £380,155 in the capital.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, people are spending more time at home. It has become the place for living, eating, working, education and relaxing.

The average cost for a move from a one to two bedroom property in the city is £81,886 and four to five bed increase is £31,569.

Managing Director at Compare My Move, Dave Sayce said:

"We’ve all been spending more time in our homes because of the pandemic, and they have become a space for everything. Many now live, eat, work, exercise, and educate their kids under one roof, and some might have realised they could do with some more space, whether this is a bigger garden or a spare room for an office.

"With stamp duty wavered, the housing market has continued to thrive. The cost to upsize homes varies, naturally, depending on location. It’s interesting to see a mix of northern and southern towns rank as the most expensive and least expensive locations, as many associate the south being the most expensive.

"Unsurprisingly, London tops the list for the most expensive locations to upsize. But Edinburgh and Bolton are also named as expensive locations, whilst southern coastal locations - Southampton and Plymouth - both rank in the cheapest places to upsize."