THEY have looked dramatically different over the past year as shoppers don mask and adhere to social distancing rules.

But some of us have fond memories of supermarkets, including the shops that no longer exist.

We asked Facebook group We grew up in Southampton which supermarkets they miss the most and this is what they said:


Fine Fare

Daily Echo:

Fine Fare enjoyed premises throughout Southampton in Portswood, Bitterne and Shirley.

The company began as one single supermarket in Welwyn Garden City in 1951 but grew to have more than 200 nationwide by 1963.

The chain set new boundaries by being the first to sell organic foods in the UK as well as being the first to introduce their own basic range.

Despite often being the third biggest supermarket in the UK behind Tesco and Sainsbury's, the company ceased to be in 1988.

We grew up in Southampton member Brian Hart posted: "This was one of the first 'supermarkets' to open and I remember the novelty of wandering around and picking stuff off shelves.

"Up to that point we still went into small grocery shops where we were served over a counter."


Safeway - Hanover Buildings

Daily Echo:

Safeway supermarket was once located in Hanover Buildings.

The building has since become Sound Control, British Heart Foundation and has now been demolished.

We grew up in Southampton Dave Grant wrote: "My nan lived in Holyrood house.

"Used to always go in that Safeway when I stayed there for chicken super noodles and crumpets.

"She would also buy cheap lager which I would get a very small glass of."

Russ Baker commented: "I remember going there on last day of college with some friends.

"Bought some cans of Special Brew which we drunk in the park.

"Don’t remember how I got home to Shirley.

"Happy times."


Sainsbury's - 32-34 Above Bar Street

Daily Echo:

Obviously the chain is still going strong in the city with branches in Lordshill, Shirley, Portswood and Bitterne, but that doesn't stop people from missing their old stores.

Sainsbury's once occupied a city centre shop in Above Bar Street.

We grew up in Southampton member Tricia Martin commented: "We shopped in Sainsburys in the High Street."

Tesco - Shirley High Street

Daily Echo:

Hayley Woodley posted on We grew up in Southampton: "I remember Tesco in Shirley ... was where peacocks is now!"


Other supermarkets mentioned in the group include Tesco in East Street, Presto in Portswood, Pricerite in Portswood and more.

Do you remember any more? Let us know in the comments below or join the We grew up in Southampton Facebook group and tell us about it there.


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