Do you remember Above Bar before it was pedestrianised to the extent it is today?

This clip shows the main shopping area of Southampton with a focus on Above Bar Street, London Road, High Street and East Street.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Southampton on Video, was shot in 1964 - the same year the town was awarded city status.

For some the clip serves as a reminder of what Southampton looked like 57 years ago, and for others it provides a fresh insight into life back then.

One viewer wrote: "I remember driving along Above Bar with my Dad a long time ago - possibly the early 70’s.2

He then goes on to talk of the demise of the department store Debenhams which was known as Edwin Jones at the time.

"Christmas was such a treat in the toy department on the top floor. Wonderful memories."

Geoff Holt commented: "Everyone looked so smartly dressed."