GENERALLY I try not to get involved in replying to opinions but I feel Mr Newman's reply to my letter in the Echo on February 20 was unjust.

I respect his wish to still be part of the EU and his beliefs but my beliefs are totally different.

I do not apologise for my letter sent on the February 9, I am proud of the UK as a nation.

We had a referendum for the Scottish nation to decide and they voted to stay in the UK.

We had a referendum to stay or leave Europe and the UK decided to leave.

I was overjoyed but I know a lot of this country were devastated but that is what democracy is about.

I believe hypocrite was misused I was not hypocritical I followed my beliefs as you do Mr Newman, but I would hope I have not demeaned your beliefs and I apologise for disrespect and offence but you have not changed my mind.

Yes there is an unrest, I personally believe the drive for independence in Scotland is politically motivated and Scotland is still part of the UK so they took part in a UK referendum and the decision was to leave Europe.

I did note you are not happy with this government but would a Labour government done any better?

Surely dishonesty is part of politics and we as a nation have the right to vote with our feet if we are not happy with the government of the day.

When we took the vote to go into Europe I worked for a Dutch firm and it made sense to be part of the Common Market which would give us free trade but I did not expect to become part of a Federal Europe.

Christine Cassell