I'VE BEEN catching up on my Echoes today, and noticed a number of articles, as usual, relating to crime and the fact there seems to be no deterrent, or consequences for criminal activity.

A 12-year-old admits damaging buses with various weapons.

Punishment, probably a slap on the wrist instead of making his parents take some responsibility for their child, and order them to pay for the damage caused, and the total cost of repair, time off the road plus a fine.

This philosophy should be adopted for all, criminal damage, arson, street crime incidents, thefts where the youth of today are just laughing at the law, and regard any trivial punishments as a badge of honour.

Anyone convicted of fly tipping should automatically have there vehicle taken, heavily fined, and made to do many hours of community service on waste clean ups, and similar projects.

As for the thefts of catalytic converters. Who do they sell them too?

Surely if the scrap metal dealers were made aware that if found in possession of afore mentioned items, as well as manhole, drain covers etc, would resort in massive fines, and maybe closure, then surely they would definitely think twice about paying for these items.

It's about time people were made aware that there are serious consequences for their actions, and hopefully start to restore some pride in the Southampton area, which is definitely lacking at the moment, and getting worse.

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