Former footballer Neil Ruddock and his ex-wife are back in court for the latest leg of a long-running family court fight over money.

Ruddock and Sarah Ruddock, whose marriage ended more than a decade ago, featured in a private, virtual, trial on Monday.

Deputy District Judge Brenda Morris, who is based in the Central Family Court in London, said a journalist could attend the hearing, which is expected to last for several days, but limited what could be reported.

She said the dispute centred on arguments over money.

The case was listed, on public court listings, as Ruddock v Ruddock, and the case number indicated that litigation dated back to 2005.

Ruddock, 52, who is remarried, and his ex-wife, 50, who still uses the name Mrs Ruddock, appeared at the hearing via video-links.

Both were represented by barristers.

The trial was the latest in a series of hearings.

Both had featured in a hearing in London in November 2019.

Ruddock, a central defender who won one England cap, played for clubs including Southampton, Tottenham, Liverpool and West Ham during a career spanning more than 12 years.