IT WOULD appear that New Forest District Council do not take too kindly to public conveniences.

I am referring to the article in Tuesday February 16 Southern Daily Echo and also further back during the first lock down.

From the recent Echo article, it appears that NFDC have debated closing a toilet block at Barton on Sea and one at Calshot beach.

They are suggesting that the toilets should be closed because they cannot make them comply with Covid regulations.

Firstly, we all hope and expect that Covid will be a temporary issue in our lives so why would you demolish something because of it?

Both structures have existed more than 10 years before Covid quite happily so why shouldn't they stay put while Covid moves into the past.

I would suggest this a convenient excuse because I am sure there is a way of making them suitable.

I recall in the ladies' toilet at Calshot there are I believe three cubicles, if necessaryone or two of thee could be closed and ladies would have to queue outside.

The ageing temporary structure at Barton they say is at the end of its life, maybe another structure could be purchased or hired, even sites of special scientific interest are not at all as interesting if they are strewn with toileting litter.

Then and importantly there are the many people who are going to be disadvantaged if these facilities are closed.

These will be particularly those who cannot make the inevitable hike from where these conveniences are now located to where there is an alternative facility.

They are mainly those people which in modern times we normally prioritise - i e those with mobility issues, children and families with children, those who are not able to climb steep hills or walk sizeable distances which at Calshot will also be among traffic.

I remember the reopening of some NFDC beach toilets at the end of the first lockdown seemed to take a long time.

During this time we had some lovely weather and members of the public seemed to have no problem in using the beach itself as a toilet and leaving their toilet debris behind.

It will happen again if there are a lack of facilities - does NFDC really want this to happen?

Come on NFDC do your job and look after your residents and visitors, you are spending enough time and money on the toilets issue at Lymington Quay so why not other sites?

There is already sufficient concern amongst the public for a petition against the Calshot closure to be in motion and obviously the Barton beach hut owners are furious.

J. Thompson