POLICE in Southampton are clamping down on cyclists who break the law by riding on pavements.

A crackdown last week saw 17 offenders issued with £30 fixed penalty tickets for cycling on pedestrian pathways near the subway on New Road and Old Northam Road. The action was taken after residents complained that the problem was worsening on city walkways.

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Dick Partridge, pictured, said cyclists should expect regular spot checks across the city from now on.

"We have had an increase in the number of complaints regarding cyclists who ride on the pavements," he said.

"We do not want to deter cyclists from taking the healthy and environmentally friendly option. We want to promote sensible and safer cycling around the city for all road users.

"Using busy pavements as unofficial bike paths is illegal and dangerous. It frequently causes accidents and can be very intimidating for people trying to use the pavement."

"Motorists need to be able to clearly see cyclists so lights, pedal reflectors and reflective clothing are a must, especially during the long, dark evenings."