THE Daily Echo looks back at photos of Hampshire residents who made the headlines with their canine friends.

In December 1979, Muriel Ramshaw was working in her Portswood store when a lost dog limped with a broken leg.

When she looked into his big eyes, she was helpless to do anything but look after him.

"I took him to get his leg plastered and I've been taken care of him through the night," she told the Echo at the time.

"He's as soft as a brush and I've got very fond of him."

Daily Echo:

Another photo from 1979 shows two Afghan hounds Timbea and his son Boss who landed roles in A Midsummers Night's Dream on Netley Abbey.

The pair starred alongside Jane Allison and Nivch Eagle and was owned by Elaine Lush of Sarisbury Green.

Although they experienced record lows of people dumping unwanted pups after Christmas, they were keen to emphasize that they were only a phone call away and that there was never any need to leave dogs to their own fate.