I have 100% confidence in Ralph Hasenhuttl, he is so right for the club.

His attitude, his inspiration and love of the club all shine through - his face fits at our club, getting rid of him, will be a catastrophic disaster. Matches this season feel like training games, along with the absence of fans inside the ground.

So both the physical and mental preparation is never easy.

Worse for the likes of teams with nothing to fight for (we will not be going down this season, that's for sure) and the niggling feeling of picking up a injury and hindering their chances of playing at Wembley, must also play at the back of their minds.

The manager and the players know they have let the supporters down especially after topping the Premiership this season. For me they just want the season to conclude in their minds and start afresh next season, with Ralph at the helm and supporters back in the stadia.

Just watch us go, Saints have a manager with the strength and loyalty to bounce back from heavy flak.

The absence of fans, injuries, and disturbing VAR decisions, have not helped their cause.

Ralph has a proven track record by getting the best out of the so called little clubs.

Ralph loves this club to bits, I for one am well happy with him at the helm.

I tell you why as well, if he left Saints he is more than capable of taking on the manager duties at the likes of either Pompey, Brighton and or Bournemouth and lead any of these teams on to success.

And the whole town of Southampton will never live that down.

Ralph has got the charisma, charm and passion not seen in a manager, since the days of Alan Ball.

Keep the Faith, Keep Ralph.

Dave Cooper