Cllr David Harrison (letters March 15th) has a tongue in cheek suggestion to fund a 1% increase in nurses pay.

I've a more serious suggestion.

The NHS budget is currently £200 billion p.a.

Couldn't the NHS look within and see if it can find some cost savings.

If it could save just 1% on its administration, that would provide £2 billion for a more generous pay rise for nurses and recruitment of more nurses and hands-on staff.

We are all aware of (and thankful for) the tremendous, stressful and dangerous work that frontline staff have performed during the pandemic and they should be paid more.

The NHS will consume as much money as we taxpayers will throw at it. I've yet to see or hear any suggestion from NHS management that they will embark on such a review.

We are also aware that savings can be made.

If this were a private organisation it would constantly be reviewing its costs.

We all want nurses to be properly rewarded but it is our money (we pay nearly £3000 per head p.a.). Just sayin'.

Pete Morgan