I SOMETIMES wonder about the British public.

I read that the MP Ms Caroline Nokes was recorded castigating the Met Police for imposing her party's policy on social distancing.

Several hundred women protesting about the dreadful murder of one, surely they knew about social distancing, which saddens me as it could cause the COVID death of some other individual, who was at home during the protest.

The police commissioner was asked to stand down for implementing the Conservative party instructions on how to handle crowd rioting.

I suspect if certain individuals backed off on request, this controversy would not have arisen.

I think that women when aroused rightly or wrongly show the same aggression as men.

If you go against a police officer on duty you must expect retaliation.

I hope that we all have learned from this experience.

The question arises, how do you protest when anger strikes.

At the moment under lockdown there is no answer.

One could always stand outside your house and clap.

I think that people as requested should think seriously before they take action.

I am drawn to the fact that this latest murder, which has drawn so much attention, draws the attention to the many women already attacked.

A sad reflection on our nation

Alan Blandford