I HAVE heard all the arguments about the NHS staff and trust me I know where I am coming from.

I worked as a nurse for 20 years.

My pay was good, I managed to bring up my two boys and pay a mortgage.

I agree times were not easy but we managed without being on the breadline.

When sick I got full pay apart from my shift allowance.

When I retired I had a very good pension and at 71 it still keeps my head above water.

It is a cash cow and I would suggest as a start reduce the chief executive officers' pay and reduce management.

Take back control of training.

Pay students as part of ward staff and have in house training, with lecturers with on the job trainers.

I would suggest a contract is signed and at the end of training they work as a nurse for five years, if not pay back the NHS for their training.

At the moment there is general discontent with NHS employees well I say to you all, none of you lost your jobs and how do you think the poor staff now on furlough managed with the stress of not having a job at the end of it?

Yes, the whole country has suffered not to mention the very sad fact many have lost loved ones and indeed still grieving.

What about the military who have gone in and built extra hospitals to cope with Covid? When did they last have a pay rise?

I might add NHS staff rises are index linked to a yearly increments when I worked for them. If my facts are wrong I would be happy for a correction.

There are so many who have lost their lives: transport staff, shop staff, delivery drivers who bring families their food shopping, and the teaching profession, who still work to ensure frontline workers can work.

There is also the police force who try in difficult circumstances try to enforce the law. Quite honestly I would not like to live in a country without the police.

I am also very disapointed in the 200,000 NHS staff who refuse the vaccines, need I say more.

Christine Cassell