AM I missing the point?

We have a Government who have told us not to create crowds, due to Covid.

Cressida Dick, sends in police officers to break up a gathering at Clapham Common.

Surely that is what she had to do.

Peaceful demonstrations and protests, at the moment do not fall into the usual rules of us having freedom to show solidity.

This is just another example of your Prime Minister, contradicting himself.

In the meantime, he is preparing us for a War with Russia. Wow, the future looks bright.

It also makes me laugh, when he refers to the EU, as our friends and partners.

They are not now our partners.

Oh well, whatever.

No doubt you will continue to vote Conservative.

There is a By-Election soon in Hartlepool.

Will they there, vote Labour, Conservative and again ignore the other political parties?

Richard Grant