I WAS mortified to read of Romsey Town Council’s disclosure of their opposition to the temporary closure of the Hundred.

I would say that the closure is necessary and is successful in protecting shoppers by giving space for social distancing – the reason for the county council’s actions.

Covid-19 and the requirement for social distancing is likely to be with us for some considerable time into the future.

Financed by new central government Covid-related funds, Hampshire County Council have more recently proposed a plan that retains the closure of the Hundred and makes Portersbridge Street one-way (flowing from Latimer Street to Church Street).

This would have the effect of significantly reducing the traffic flow along Portersbridge Street which I am sure would please the local householders.

HCC have also suggested that the scheme could be adopted initially for an 18-month trial period.

The town council‘s opposition to the HCC scheme should be resisted as it could possibly endanger its implementation and would result in returning to traffic flows through The Hundred.

This would be a dangerous environment for shoppers due to narrow pavements; this includes people with prams, walking sticks, mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Even if social distancing is not required in future, there is insufficient room along the Hundred for people to pass each other without stepping into the road and mixing with the traffic

I am confident that local shoppers really appreciate the improved and safer environment that is now in the Hundred as a result of being traffic-free.

I want to see Romsey as a place that has a safe and thriving shopping centre.

By adopting the HCC’s scheme initially for an 18 month period we have little to lose and everything to gain; we should grab this opportunity with both hands as it may not come around again for some time.

Richard Edwards