IT’S SAD to read yet another Daily Echo report on dumping and fly tipping.

It keeps happening and real action needs to be taken to solve the problem.

The charity clothes bins are a menace, and wherever they are sited they just become a dumping ground for bulk rubbish and litter.

It’s time for these bins to be removed.

There must be better and more environmentally friendly ways to collect unwanted clothes.

Perhaps the council could collect unwanted clothes at people’s doors? And then share what was collected between all the charities.

To further reduce dumping perhaps there should be more council tips?

And maybe it’s time to bring back free bulk waste collection, to stop fridges and mattresses being left on street corners.

With a real emphasis on recycling as much as possible.

Southampton is 311 in the recycling league, and we need to recycle more, and move up the table.

Our city needs to rethink it’s whole attitude towards rubbish, or we’ll never be green, and we’ll never stop the dumping and the littering.

Jon Walters